Our Services


We understand the value that information has for your company. We have a team of specialists, migration methodology and the ETL tools( extraction, transformation and load) needed to ensure that the migration process to SugarCRM will be made safely and efficiently.


Create a successful Sugarcrm integration with your existing systems and applications is an important step to improve the customer experience. Sinergis has developers and analysts with extensive knowledge of programming interfaces Application (APIs) from SugarCRM with ability to understand and build interfaces with other systems, enabling a fully automatic integration.


Sinergis has a team of analysts and developers certified with the expertise to develop the customization needs of your business. We use development’s best practices to ensure that all customizations are compatible with future upgrades, avoiding maintenance and rework costs for our customers.


Training people is an important thing to achieve the results of your organization. A company can be with their process mapped and their systems integrated and customized but the successful of a implementation will be training the team that will use the new system. Sinergis develops training according to your business needs through manuals, webinars, videos training and workshops.